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Lorena O'English

Social Sciences Librarian
Lorena O'English's picture
Lorena O'English
Terrell Library 120-D
Washington State University

Office Hours: (Spring, 2020):
*M - F most days, from 10am to 3pm (usually), Click the "Schedule Appointment" link above to set up a Zoom appointment, or email me directly via the button.
Lorena O'English is the Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian at Washington State University Pullman. She has been at WSU since the fall of 2000. She specializes in the areas of political science, criminal justice, sociology, and law but teaches and otherwise engages with a wide range of academic topics and issues.
Her professional interests include note-taking and web annotation; lifelong learning and information literacy; pleasure reading on college campuses; scholarly communication in the social sciences; and academic use of online productivity tools and new modes of electronic communication.

Below you will find some information about my current interests as well as links to webinars I have given for WSU's Global Campus over 2015-2017.

Spring 2020 Terrell Library reference desk (My de facto office hours):
Monday 1pm-3pm (or by arrangement in-person or online via Zoom).
A big ole' list of things I'm interested in and tech classes I teach (intermittently):

-Zotero (class)
-Useful productivity hacks and Personal Information Management tools (class)
-Web Annotation tools (workshop)
-Documents on Digital Devices (ebooks and edocs)
-Who's Cited You: Finding your Citations Using Web of Science and Other Tools (class)
-Creating Simple Ebooks with Free Software (class)
-Ereaders, ebooks, and edocs
-Bibliometrics and altmetrics & academic profiles (My ORCID ID )
-Watercolors (I'm not very good...)

WSU Global Connections Webinars - each is about an hour long:
Advanced Web Search
Navigating International, Real, and Fake News
Introduction to Zotero (Part 1)
A Database Deep Dive
Types of Journals and Their Uses
Secondary, & Tertiary Sources: It Depends...
The Hows and Whys of Annotating (part 1)
The Hows and Whys of Annotating (Part 2)

My Guides

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