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CougsVote 2022 - Election Resources

About CougsVote

CougsVote is an ongoing democratic engagement campaign to help WSU students register to vote, stay aware of upcoming voter deadlines, and become more informed and involved with issues they're passionate about. More information is available at

See the bottom of this page for CougsVote stickers and gifs and other "I Voted" digital stickers!

Election 2022

About this Library Guide

This guide provides links to official, non-partisan, and partisan/issue-based resources that may be helpful as you review your Election 2022 ballot. Most resources cover Washington State; many may also provide information about elections in other states.

It's not a comprehensive list, so if you have suggestions for voter guides (partisan or nonpartisan!) to include, please send them my way (oenglish @

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About CougsVote: Student passion and creativity driving democratic engagement

Daily Evergreen articles related to WSU voter engagement:


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I Voted Stickers: Generic (but cute choices ;-) and Coug-Specific

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