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English 301 - Spring 2021 - Prof. Coleman

Spring 2021 Update: New and/or Helpful WSU Libraries Resources and Services

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Temporary Access, Spring 2021

  • JSTOR  - we have access to ALL their journal content (they divide it into specific collections, and we don’t subscribe to all of them), and the ArtStor database through the end of June. We are also getting access to Security Studies through June as well, so – please, take advantage of this!  
  • We will be continuing our Roper Center (survey data iPoll database plus more) access through 3/31/2022. Probably not after, however. 
  • We have access to PolicyMap through the end of March 3/31/2021. (They have a new version with extra functionality but to download data you have to use the legacy (default) version) 

What is PolicyMap?

An online (no software installation needed) U.S. national data and mapping tool and analytics platform with multidisciplinary applications for college students and faculty.  Undergraduate and graduate schools use us in their curriculum and research related to social sciences, urban studies, real estate and housing analysis, community and economic development, public administration, public health, policy and political science, education, business, economics, statistics, and geography, among others. Users can leverage thousands of U.S. data indicators in PolicyMap to perform demographic and socioeconomic analysis, from a neighborhood census block group in many cases, up to a national level, as well as create custom regions, for their research and studies.  
 Look for Blog Posts, Customer Stories, and sample Maps, Tables, and Reports.

  • Our MapChats Blog features stories on Mapping Consumer Spending Habits, Internet Access Disparities, and the Social Drivers of Health and more!
  • Our Academic Web Page gives insight into how other universities and colleges use our data and mapping tool
  • Visit PolicyMap Support for tutorials, training videos, the training calendar.
  • A complete list of our data related to Demographics, Incomes and Spending, Housing, Lending, Quality of Life, Economy, Education and Health can be found here


Direct URL for this page:

How this Library Class Will Work:

Accessing materials from off-campus:

  1. Proxy bookmarklet 
  2. LibKey Nomad 
  3. Directly from within the Libraries website  
  4. Via GlobalProtect, the campus VPN (if you use it)


Review: Your Search Toolkit

Searching Tool Kit:

(download topic/keyword handout located in the box to the left)

Keywords and Synonyms - Search Terms:

Consider wider and/or narrower terms as well as direct synonyms


broken windows


police, law enforcement



polic*   [note that this will give us police and policing, but also policy...


Phrase Searching:

"broken window*" Note the truncation symbol * inside of the quotation marks - this works on most library databases)


Connectors and Intersections (AND, OR etc.) (aka Venn diagrams or Boolean operators):   

  three-way Venn diagram of things that are mammals, things that jump, and things that swim


AND - Things that jump AND Things that swim = Frogs

OR -  Things that jump OR Things that swim = all the brown plus all the blue

(There is also NOT - Things that jump NOT things that swim = brown minus the part of it that is frogs - but this can be dangerous to use!)



Grouping (and putting it all together!):

One box:      "broken windows" (polic* OR crim*)

(Note: after the initial search you may decide to search    "broken window*" (police* OR policing)  instead if you get too many results that are not relevant because of other terms from that stem, i.e. policy, policies (although they may be relevant with this particular search!))


Multiple boxes (often in Advanced Search mode):

"broken windows"












Downloadable Handout: Keyword Search Strategy

Review: Finding Books (Updated for Spring 2021)

About the HathiTrust’s Emergency Temporary Access Service

This program allows our users to access many of our books as ebooks, hosted on the HathiTrust platform. Copyright rules are still in effect, so only one copy can be checked out at a time. Checkout time is one hour, but this will be automatically extended as long as you use the book in most situations. 

Database Dive: Web of Science (again, through fresh eyes)

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