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Social Sciences Data: ICPSR and More

This guide provides information about locating datasets for use in the social sciences (with a bit about data in the humanities and big data in STEM fields). It also has resources on using datasets (including in teaching) and associated issues.

Other Data and Statistical Resources at the WSU Libraries ×

Fall 2023 Update: New/Newish Helpful WSU Libraries Resources and Services

JSTOR  - we have continuing access to ALL of JSTOR's journal content (including the Security Studies and Sustainability thematic collections)! This was originally set to end in June 2023, but has been extended as a permanent subscription. 

Update 2: ICPSR Access Tips

Quick Tips 

Having trouble downloading data or accessing other ICPSR resources? Try these things first (instructions below):
  • Open a new private or "incognito" browser window and copy/paste this address into the search bar: Retry your login. 
  • Reset your password
  • Connect to your institution's VPN, if available

Resetting Your Password

Just need a quick password reset? Visit the Password Reset Request page, or email ICPSR Web Support at


Email Validation 

Typically, ICPSR will automatically recognize your institution and validate your account. If you're trying to download data and receive an unexpected alert that you're not from a member institution, even though you are, your account may need to be validated. We can update this manually.

To request a validation, send an email to Include your name, your institutional email address, and the name of your institution. 


Does your institution use a VPN (Virtual Private Network internet connection)? Each VPN is configured differently, but for most institutions, you can use your VPN to access your ICPSR account.
  1. Log into your VPN using the instructions provided by your institution 
  2. Open a browser window and navigate to
  3. Click "log in" on the top right
Your library or IT team may have additional information available, please contact them for VPN assistance. 

Other FAQs

More help is available! Take a look at our frequently asked questions page for, "What do I do if I'm having trouble logging in with my MyData Account? What about changing my email address or password?"
Additional support is available, visit Get Help with Data.

Still on campus? Sign in now for future remote access

Log in to ICPSR for continuing remote access
Take a moment now to sign into your MyData account. This will validate you for six months of ICPSR data and resources just in case things change. Visit and click "log in" at the top right. NOTE: Lorena can sign you in from the Pullman campus if you are not at a WSU campus.


Public Opinion/Polling Data

Social Science Data in the News

About this Guide...

Announcements from ICPSR: - Includes new/updated studies and more.

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