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Accessing and Reading Braided Sweetgrass

Accessing The Ebook Version of Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants

The WSU Libraries is providing access to Braiding Sweetgrass as an unlimited use ebook (link goes to library record) through the ProQuest interface. This tutorial will walk you through the process of accessing and reading it. Information is provided in text with screenshots as appropriate; there are also short screencasts that demonstrate specific processes.

Why are there two links in the library record?

We have access to this book through a subscription database, Ebook Central Academic Complete, and also as a purchased title through Ebook Central Perpetual (both of these are from ProQuest). They are the same ebook, and whichever link you select will take you to the same place. We have unlimited access, so there is no limit on how many people can be accessing it (that means reading it online and/or downloading it) at the same time (in this case, ignore the default language on the "Perpetual" link that reads "There may be a limit on the number of concurrent users for this title."). 


How can I read this book? These are your options, and you will see advantages and disadvantages listed below.

  • You can read it on your lap/desktop directly from Search It, using the browser interface
  • You can read it on a tablet directly from Search It, using the browser interface
  • You can download it to your laptop/desktop or tablet or phione and use Adobe Digital Editions to read it on your device (be sure to download it as an EPUB file *flowable( versus a PDF ebook file (not flowable, which means it stays the same size for every screen)
  • Note: You can only download chapters, page ranges (both as PDF files for you to keep) and text (via copy) from the online browser-based version.


Reading It Online in Your Desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphoine Browser (Easiest)


  • You can bookmark pages, highlight text, and make annotations ("sticky notes"). 
  • Your bookmarks, highlights, and annotations are automatically saved and associated with your account, so they are accessible any time. Annotations can be exported as text (they will include citation elements and the page where you placed the annotation).
  • Ebooks can be saved in a Bookshelf for easy access later - this is where you can export your annotations.
  • You can print (download) up to 164 pages (as chapters (chapter download, print to PDF) or as a range (Print to PDF), over time in PDF format that is yours to keep, in your designated citation style. Note: Be sure to download the Sources pages (p. 387-388) and the title information page for future reference!
  • You can copy up to 82 pages - this will capture all the text on a page as text, along with the citation. you can then paste the text in a document, email, etc. Note that if you copy a highlight, it will count as one page towards your 82.
  • You can search within the entire book once you select "Read Online" or open any specific chapter online.
  • Accessibility: If you are using a screen reader you will be able to turn on Accessibility Mode yourself, If you don't use a screen reader but still want accessibility options, you can email  ebooksupportAT and they will turn on that option for you. The interface also has options to zoom in and out.
  • Note: If you want to read it directly on a tablet or smartphone  you can access the book through Search it and then read it online and thus have a more readable experience. The experience will be just like reading it on a laptop/desktop, accounting for differences between browsers. (Actually, I thought the reading experience was actually better on my iPad Air 3 - the text looked crisper than on my monitor.) HOWEVER, in the tablet browser version you can't copy or highlight any text, although you can add sticky note annotations. 


  • Reading it on your desktop or laptop browser screen may not be as intuitive a reading experience.

Downloading it to a Desk/Laptop or Tablet Using Ereading App Adobe Digital Editions (Macs, Windows, Android, Ipad) 


  • Possible better reading experience
  • Unlike many library ebooks that have limited checkout times enforced through Digital Rights Management (DRM) this one can be downloaded and kept for 365 days. 


  • You will need to download Adobe Digital Editions. Note, you do not need an Adobe ID! You will be able to authorize your Adobe Digital Editions without one (authorizing is required because of Adobe’s digital rights management).
  • Highlights and annotations can't be exported and are not saved, so if you download the book, return it, and then download it again, you won't have access to previous bookmarks, highlights, and annotations. This can be solved a bit by just not returning the book since you have it for a year from the data of checkout and/or just copying your annotations and citation info into a document (or just not using annotations ;-).


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