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Lorena's AI Reading List and More

Lorena's Artificial Intelligence Reading Lis and More - just a place where I put articles and thoughts about artificial intelligence in general, in higher education, and in library research.

The Basics

Articles - organize later

  • An introduction to copyright law and practice in education, and the concerns arising in the context of GenerativeAI  -

  • Navigating Excel with a Gen AI Tutor -

  • How students are currently using generative AI -

  • How (and Why) the University of Michigan Built Its Own Closed Generative AI Tools | EDUCAUSE Review
  • Will Our Educational System Keep Pace with AI? A Student's Perspective on AI and Learning | EDUCAUSE Review
  • Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges with Generative AI | EDUCAUSE Review
  • Digital Transformation 2.0: The Age of AI | EDUCAUSE Review
  • Analyzing the Rise of AI: Insights from RAND -

  • Ready or not, AI is coming to science education — and students have opinions -

  • Without these tools, I’d be lost’: how generative AI aids in accessibility

  • Three ways ChatGPT helps me in my academic writing

  • In the AI science boom, beware: your results are only as good as your data

  • ‘Obviously ChatGPT’ — how reviewers accused me of scientific fraud

  • How an AI-powered lion became a t

  •  - Evolving AI Strategies in Libraries: Insights from Two Polls of ARL Member Representatives over Nine Months—Report Published
  • AI Chatbots Will Never Stop Hallucinating
    (Scientific American)
  • (infographic)
  • AI in Academia (LibJ)  - available via wsu libraries
  • (includes how often people interact with ai)_
  • ***
  • - report at
  •       Three Recent Studies on Student Learning with Generative AI
  •        “AI Is a Tool, and Its Values Are Human Values.”
  •     have we reached peak AI? openai's sora, IP and how it was trained, 

learn - AI skills challenge for educators

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