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Constitution Day

Resources and events for the annual Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, September 17.

The Establishment of Constitution Day

In 1952 Congress passed a joint resolution declaring Sept. 17 as a day of commemoration for the signing of the U.S. Constitution and "National Citizenship Day" to  recognize all those who had attained American citizenship.  In 2005 it was formally named "Constitution Day and Citizenship Day" in Public Law 108-447, the Consolidated Appropriations Act. 

For more about the creation of this commemorative day see the Constitution Day website, and also the Law Library of Congress' page, Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

Usually the WSU Libraries offers an in-person round-robin reading of the Constitution and Amendments, an asynchronous opportunity for people to read it on their own, a display case exhibit, and a shelf of books about the Constitution that people can check out. This year that is not possible - the Libraries are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  So we have moved the reading online, via Zoom.

If you  would like a pamphlet copy of the Constitution and Amendments sent to you via inter-campus mail or USPS mail, please email me (link to the left).

Constitution Day 2020

Zoom Event:

Read the Constitution Out Loud on Sept. 17


The U.S. Constitution is a living document—come be a part of it on Constitution Day from 3-4:30 p.m. (Pacific Time) Tuesday, Sept. 17, by joining other members of the WSU community to read the Constitution out loud via Zoom.

The annual WSU Libraries’ event, organized by Social Sciences and Government Information Librarian Lorena O’English, celebrates the signing of the Constitution in 1787.

We will get into the weeds as a new country is constructed, see it split apart, and see it come together and work to become better.

To register, please visit Individuals outside the WSU community who wish to participate can contact O’English directly at


United States Constitution

Click Image to EnlargeConstitution of the United States    Analysis and interpretation, Supreme Court cases, Bill of Rights, updated editions and supplements.

Constitucion de los Estados Unidos (National Archives)

Charters of Freedom: Constitution of the United States  (National Archives)     View images of the original document and read about the times in which the Constitution was signed. "Questions and Answers" provides details of the Constitutional Convention, writing and ratification, etc.

Interactive Constitution The National Constitution Center, a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia, provides this website that allows keyword searching of the Constitution with discussion of the text, exploration by topic with as "checks and balances," and "due process," and Supreme Court cases that have interpreted the Constitution.

Image:  United States Constitution. National Archives.

Teaching Materials for Constitution Day

U.S. Constitution--Resources

Books, videos, and other resources about the U.S. Constitution, Amendments, Bill of Rights, constitutional law, and related topics can be checked out from the WSU Libraries. Click on the 'Books and Videos' link above to  get some ideas, or search the WSU catalog, Search It.

Primary Documents in American History: the Constitution  (Library of Congress)    The American Memory History Collection includes the full-text of documents providing background on the framing and writing of the Constitution such as Elliot's Debates, Farrand's Records, and Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, 1774-1789.

A more perfect union.  CNN, 1987.  Videos 1-8.  A video series on the U.S. Constitution.  WSU Media Materials & Reserves

The Founder's Constitution    (University of Chicago Press)    An anthology of writings  "of a wide array of people engaged in the problem of making popular government safe, steady, and accountable." This site makes accessible the 5-vol. work by broad themes, by article, section, and clause of the Constitution, and by keyword.

"Creating the United States Constitution"  An online exhibit by the Library of Congress

Primary Documents in American History--U.S. Constitution   Also from the Library of Congress

United States Constitution; Texts, Commentaries, Historical Texts and Judicial Decisions  Resources compiled by the Law Library of Congress

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