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Game Checkout Program: Pictionary

Learn about the Holland & Terrell Libraries' game checkout program, including circulation policies and our collection of games!


Maroon Pictionary game box.Pictionary is a word/sketch game played in teams.  Players work in teams and try to get their teammates to guess the secret word by drawing a picture that represents the word, similarly to acting the word out in Charades.  The game board includes different categories of words, such as difficult, action, person, object, or all play (any word or expression), and playing cards with all of the same categories.  Players roll the die that determine how many spaces they move on the game board and draw a card, finding the secret word on the card that matches the category from the game board.  One player sketches a picture representing the word to try to get their teammate to guess the word within 1 minute.  The team that gets to the end of the board game first wins. 

Pictionary in Search It

Rules of Play PDF

Game Facts

Number of players

  • 3 - 16

Average playing time

  • 90 minutes
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