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Game Checkout Program: Warhammer Doomseeker

Learn about the Holland & Terrell Libraries' game checkout program, including circulation policies and our collection of games!

Warmhammer Doomseeker

Warhammer Dommseeker box with characer holding weapon

Warhammer Doomseeker is a board game where the objective is to win the most renown in battles and die an honorable death against a worthy foe.  This is achieved by picking battles to fight in and using your weapons, grudges, and fate (all card that you acquire throughout the game) to influence the outcome.  Each round all players may try to influence the battle with their own fate plays, but it comes down to the player who picks the battle.  Once the battle is complete, a victory will mean a coin prize that they can use to barter at the weapons shop and renown.  A loss will mean a step closer to death… At the end points are tallied to see who has earned the most renown, alive or dead.

Warhammer Doomseeker in Search It

Rules of Play

Game Facts

Number of players

  • 2 - 4

Average playing time

  • 30 - 60 minutes
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