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Game Checkout Program: Sequence

Learn about the Holland & Terrell Libraries' game checkout program, including circulation policies and our collection of games!


White and blue Sequence game box.Sequence is a board game in which the objective is to create a row or "sequence" of five poker chips connected on the game board.  The spaces on the game board represent each card from a standard deck of playing cards.  Each player draws a playing card and then must place one of their poker chips on the same space on the game board.  The key cards to draw are Two-Eyed Jacks, which allow players to place a poker chip on any space on the board, and One-Eyed Jacks, which allow players to remove a poker chip from one of their opponents.

Sequence in Search It

Rules of Play

Game Facts

Number of players

  • 2- 12

Average playing time

  • 10 - 30 minutes
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