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Game Checkout Program: Scattergories

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Red Scattergories game box.Scattergories is a multi-player word game where the objective is to earn the most points by making a list of words that all begin with the same letter.  There are a set of category cards and letter cards.  Each round, the players choose a category card, such as "Presidents."  Then, one player rolls a 20 sided letter die to determine the letter for the round, such as "T."  Each player has an answer sheet and three minutes to write down as many words that fit the category (ex. Presidents whose first or last names start with the letter "T").  After three minutes, players read out their answers.  Players get points for having answers that none of their opponents share, but don't earn any points if at least one other player shares the same answer.  

Scattergories in Search It

Rules of play PDF

Game Facts

Number of players

  • 2 - 6

Average playing time

  • 30 minutes
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