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Game Checkout Program: Cribbage

Learn about the Holland & Terrell Libraries' game checkout program, including circulation policies and our collection of games!


Red, green and blue cribbage board and blue deck of cards.Cribbage is a card game that uses both a cribbage board (game board) and deck of cards.   Normally, the game is played with two people, but can be played with up to four people.  Each player chooses a set of colored pegs which they move around the cribbage board.  All of the players are dealt six cards and each player places two of the cards face down in a separate pile called the "Crib."  One player cuts the deck of cards and flips one card face up.  This card can be played as part of each person's hand and as part of the "Crib."  Players earn points by achieving different combinations, such as a pair, three of a kind, etc. and can advance their pegs around the cribbage board based on the number of points they earn.  The objective of the game is to score 121 points before your opponent.

Cribbage in Search It

Rules of Play

Game Facts

Number of players

  • Normally 2, but can be 2-4

Average playing time

  • 30 minutes
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