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Veterinary Medicine/Veterinary Science

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Off-campus? Try using the WSU Proxy bookmarklet with Science Direct and the Wiley Online Library.

Online Textbooks from WSU LIbraries

We purchase ebooks from multiple vendors dependent on availability, cost, and format. Access generally fits into the following categories:

  1. Some ebooks from Elsevier Science Direct or many from Wiley Online Library are unlimited user ebooks.
  2. Others from Proquest, CRC, Clinical Key, or R2 Digital Library may be limited to 1-3 users at any one point in time. Others who attempt to access will need to try again later.
  3. Some (Oxford, Taylor & Francis, some R2 Digital Library, some Proquest and some Wiley Online Library) may be part of demand driven purchase programs, where usage triggers our institution or a collaborative group of institutions (Orbis-Cascade) to purchase the book based on usage and funds available. This means we may have temporary access with potential permanent purchase if the title is heavily used. These ebooks may end up not being available if you go to access them at a later date, so please keep this in mind and check with us if you want to assure future and ongoing access for student or laboratory use.

All are available remotely from outside WSU. When you try to access WSU-subscribed resources, you will be asked for your WSU Network ID and password. If you are having access problems, try clearing your cache and cookies first, and then contact us at or email your librarian.

Purchasing e-books vs library online textbooks

E-books that you can purchase:

You will always have a local copy available on whatever device you are using (laptop, e-phone, iPad) AND online access via Vet Consult.  This allows you to add notes, highlights, etc. that are saved and synced with all of your devices.  You’ll have these after graduation with opportunities to upgrade for new editions.

E-books available from WSU Libraries :

Library e-books come from different suppliers and with different licensing guidelines. Some allow unlimited access and downloadable pdf's. Others limit access to just one user at a time or read-only online access.

In deciding whether to depend on library books, either print and/or electronic, consider how you will use the book, how often, and how much you want to invest in a book. E-books from the library are useful for books that you won’t be using often and don’t want to spend the money to purchase. For instance, if you are interested mainly in small animals, you might not opt to buy a book on food animal medicine.

Remember that we still have print books in the library! :)

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