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Suzanne Fricke

Animal Health Sciences Librarian
Suzanne Fricke's picture
Suzanne Fricke
Animal Health Library
Wegner Hall 170
WSU Pullman
"indeed all medical discoveries, are of no use to patients and clinicians if they remain buried in the literature."
- Davidoff, F., & Miglus, J. (2011). Delivering clinical evidence where it's needed: Building an information system worthy of the profession. JAMA, 305(18), 1906-7.

My Guides

Big Data Sources
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Global Animal Health
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Last update: May 6, 2021 78 views
Last update: May 6, 2021 437 views
Last update: Mar 4, 2021 38 views
Veterinary Guidelines
Last update: Feb 19, 2021 311 views
Veterinary Medicine
Last update: May 7, 2021 4140 views
Last update: May 6, 2021 1158 views
Last update: Mar 4, 2021 5 views
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