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Library Tutorials: Health Sciences

A collection of tutorials and resources for getting the most out of the Spokane Health Sciences Library

Mobile App Instructions

  • Set up a personal DynaMed accountIf you want to obtain CME and/or seamless access through a mobile device from off-campus without having to Sign In each time, set up a personal third party DynaMed account.
  • First, to set up a personal account you should be on a desktop/laptop (not a mobile device).
    • Use a networked desktop on a WSU campus OR
    • Use a laptop connected to WSU campus wireless OR
    • Connect an off-campus desktop or laptop to WSU Global Protect VPN
  • Second, open the DynaMed link above, or from the WSU Health Sciences Library page.
  • Third, click on the circular person icon in the upper right corner and "create account." If "create account" does not appear then you are not on the WSU network or VPN.
  • Finally, complete the registration form using your WSU email but a different password then your network ID password. 
  • To maintain this personal account you will want  to Sign In to WSU Dynamed from the Health Sciences Library home page every 90 days.

Note: You can use the mobile app without a personal DynaMed account by using Open Athens, however you will need to Sign in each time.


  • On your mobile device go to the App Store or the Google Play Store
  • Search for "DynaMed"
  • Select and download the app (usually the first option). It is recommended that you are on a WiFi connection to download the app.
  • DynaMed subscription error messageDynaMed Personal Account Sign-in vs Open AthensDynaMed Sign-inWhile on a WiFi connection open the app on your mobile device.
  1. If you set up a personal account select Sign In(not Institutional Network) and enter your DynaMed account email and password. 
  2. If you did not set up a personal account select Sign in and then Open Athens at the bottom of the page > Type in Washington State University Spokane > Login with your WSU network ID and password when prompted. You might receive an error message that your subscription expired or lapsed. Ignore and x out of it. The app should work fine.
  • If you receive a bot detection challenge error you may need to enable cookies, or turn off private browsing or non-WSU VPN.
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Select one of three set-up options: Online only, Partial install or Full install. (Recommendation is Partial Install with images only available when connected to internet). If you opt for full install be aware that it will take a LONG time to download and will consume 2 GB of storage on your device. 

You will need to login every 90 days from the WSU Health Sciences Library DynaMed link to maintain a personal account.

If you are only using the app through Open Athens you will have access as long as you maintain a current affiliation with WSU.

Our current subscription to DynaMed does not provide access to the IV Compatibility, NeoFax and Pediatrics Micromedex and Patient Information found in DynaMedex.

Accessing DynaMed

To access DynaMed Plus for patient care visit the Health Sciences Library website and click "DynaMed" under the Point of Care heading.

You do not need a personal account to use the desktop DynaMed version, however you will need an account for CME. To set up a personal account you must be on a WSU networked computer OR on a laptop connected to WSU WiFi OR on a desktop/laptop connected to WSU VPN



DynaMed has a robust Help section to help you get started using the resource. It includes a searchable user manual with information on searching, topics, citations, and technical assistance. To access, click "Help" at the top right corner of the webpage.

Create a personal account third party DynaMed account for CME and/or seamless ability to use the DynaMed mobile app without needing to Sign In each time. You will need to Sign in through the WSU DynaMed link every 90 days to maintain your personal account.

If you do not create a DynaMed account you can still access through the DynaMed app by using Open Athens.

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