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Library Tutorials: Health Sciences

A collection of tutorials and resources for getting the most out of the Spokane Academic Library

Accessing DynaMed

DynaMed Plus is a point-of-care resource for health information. The content is written, reviewed, and updated by expert physicians and provides specific recommendations for patient care. To access DynaMed Plus, visit the Spokane Academic Library website and click "DynaMed" under the Recommended Databases heading. 



DynaMed has a robust Help section to help you get started using the resource. It includes a searchable user manual with information on searching, topics, citations, and technical assistance. To access, click "Help" at the top right corner of the webpage.

Using DynaMed

Searching in DynaMed

To begin a search, type your search term(s) into the search bar. A drop-down list of suggested terms may appear.

search box

Search Results

Each results list includes images, calculators, and topics.

Search Results

Under each topic page result, you will see quick links to major sections of the topic page, allowing you to quickly jump to the most relevant information.

Navigating a Topic Page

Each topic page will have a navigation menu on the left side, which will allow you to jump to a specific section of the page and to perform a keyword search.

Topic Page Features

Within the text of a topic page, you may see links that will take you to other related topic pages.

Topic Page Features

You may also see evidence recommendations. You can view the evidence scale by selecting the link within the evidence recommendation.

Topic Page Features

Links to full-text references may also be included within the text of the topic page.

Interesting Features

Topic articles in DynaMed include a section for patient information. It provides links to several different patient information resources and handouts in both English and Spanish.

Clinical evidence in DynaMed is categorized based on a recommendation grading system, which appears in the article like this:

Find more information on the recommendation grading systems used by DynaMed.

‚ÄčDynaMed includes over 500 interactive calculators, equations, and decision trees that allow you to enter values into commonly used formulas to obtain numerical data.

To access the calculators, select "Calculators" from the top of the DynaMed homepage. 

Search for a calculator or use the A-Z menu to browse available calculators. You can select a specific calculator type from the menu on the left.

Mobile App Instructions

  • Go to DynaMed
  • Select the person icon at the top right corner of the screen
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Go to the App Store or the Google Play Store
  • Search for "DynaMed"
  • Select and download the app (usually the first option)
  • Open the app
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Log in using your DynaMed credentials
  • Choose to install content with or without images (Recommendation: without images)
    • Takes 10-15 minutes to download content
    • Make sure that you are connected to a wireless network

Key Features:

  • Access content off-line
  • Bookmark favorite content
  • Write and save notes about particular topics
  • Export content as a PDF
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