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Philosophy Bites

Podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics....  With David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton, in association with the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London's School of Advanced Study.

Ethics Bites

A series of interviews covering an impressively broad range of topics, including climate change and future generations, animal rights, euthanasia, corporate responsibility, perversion, plagiarism, in-vitro fertilization, art, pornography, censorship, and free speech.


Wi-Phi is an open access philosophy web site whose mission is to introduce people to the practice of philosophy by offering lectures on philosophical issues and critical thinking concepts that are freely available in a form that is entertaining, interesting and accessible to people with no background in the subject.

Core Concepts in Philosophy - YouTube

Presented by Gregory B. Sadler, these short videos treat one tricky but important concept from a classic or contemporary philosophical text and thinker.

BBC In Our Time Philosophy Interviews Archive

From the British Broadcasting Corporation Radio 4, a wide-ranging audio archive of interviews on philosophy and philosophical topics.  You may need to refresh your browser to access some programs on this site.

BBC Radio 4 Global Philosophy Facebook Club

Pioneering technology allows people from all over the world to join one another in a digital space to discuss and look for answers to some of the topical philosophical questions that lie behind political stories of the moment. There is also the opportunity to register to take part in upcoming programmes.

Hi-Phi Nation

Hi-Phi Nation is the first sound and story-driven show about philosophy, weaving philosophy with narrative storytelling, investigative journalism, and sound design.  The show is written, edited, and produced by Barry Lam.

The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps." The series looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of the major philosophers as well as the lesser-known figures of the tradition.

To the Best of Our Knowledge - Religion & Philosophy

From Wisconsin Public Radio, a wide-ranging audio interview archive on topics in religion and philosophy.

The Philosopher's Zone

The simplest questions often have the most complex answers. The Philosopher's Zone is your guide through the strange thickets of logic, metaphysics and ethics.  Produced by ABC Radio National.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive

Jointly managed by the Chicago History Museum and the WFMT Radio Network along with technical assistance from the Library of Congress, the archive offers streaming audio of programs produced by Studs Terkel between 1952 and 1997.  Topics include art, religion, music, philosophy, and literature. 

Big Ideas - YouTube

Wide-ranging tvochannel videos featuring contemporary thinkers, writers, and commentators.

PBS-Closer to Truth

"Closer To Truth is the definitive resource for Cosmos, Consciousness and Meaning, a global journey in search of the vital ideas of existence featuring leading scientists, philosophers and creative thinkers.

It is the mission of Closer To Truth to become the most publicly prominent venue for heightened understanding and thoughtful discussion of Cosmos, Consciousness and Meaning for broad television and online audiences."

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