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Resources for REC Researchers

Resources for off-campus Research and Extension Center (REC) researchers

What to Know: Getting Connected to WSU Scholarly Resources

As WSU students and researchers you should have full access to WSU scholarly resources. These resources include scholarly research databases where you'll find peer-reviewed articles, datasets, and more. 

There are essentially two ways that you can connect to WSU scholarly resources when you are off-campus.

1. You can connect through the library portal (either by going to or just using the links in this library guide). You will be prompted to log into your session with your WSU ID.

2. You can also use the "Proxy Bookmarklet" which is a VPN. The "Proxy Bookmarklet" essentially route your computer through the Pullman campus so those subscription resources think you are accessing them from campus. Here is information on utilizing WSU's Proxy Service.


I *personally* prefer to connect to resources via the University Libraries portal (e.g. through a guide like this one or That said, many researchers that I know like to use the proxy service.


This video shows how to use the WSU Proxy Bookmarklet


Having Trouble Connecting?

Here's a basic WSU guide with some connectivity assistance and troubleshooting

You can also  email me or schedule a time to meet virtually.

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