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Resources for REC Researchers

Resources for off-campus Research and Extension Center (REC) researchers

About Requesting Materials

As a WSU student and researcher, you have access to an extensive network of physical and electronic scholarly resources. For example, you can request that physical materials be sent from any of our campuses to your REC.

Furthermore, if WSU doesn't have a copy, we can request it from another library (for free). This includes both physical items and electronic items (like journal articles). In fact, you can get access to electronic journal articles within a day or two of requesting them.

Getting physical items typically takes longer than electronic items as they have to be pulled from the library shelves and shipped via USPS. 

Helpful tip: You should never have to pay for a journal article. If you get to a journal record where you are being charged an access fee, let me know.


Requesting Physical Items from WSU (and other) Libraries

Physical items from the WSU Libraries and beyond can be sent to your REC or home address free of charge. 

If you have items shipped to your home address you will receive a USPS return label so you can easily mail the item back.

To request that physical items be sent to you, follow these steps:



Step 1. Find an item in the catalog and log into WSU Search It



Step 2: After you are logged-in, select "Request Physical Item."



Step 3: Select where you would like to have the item sent. You can have it sent to your REC or your home address. If you have the book sent to your home address select "Pullman Home Delivery" even if you are outside of Pullman. 


Requesting Electronic Items

Sometimes you will find a journal article that WSU does not have immediate online access to. 

Requesting an electronic item is easy, quick, and free. You will get notification that the PDF is available via email. Requests typically take 24-48 hours (and often even less time than that).

To request an electronic item (such as a journal article), follow these steps:


Request Article button within WSU Library catalog

Step 1: Locate an item that you want via library catalog and select "Request Article” button located under the Availability and Request Options.

Note: If you do not see this button you will need to log into your library account first.


Find it button within Web of Science

Tip: If you aren't using the WSU Search It catalog, you should see a button that says somethin like "Find it @ WSU." This will take you the the WSU catalog record. 



Illiad login screen example

Step 2: You will be prompted to log into ILLiad which is the interlibrary loan system. Use the same login that you would for your library account.

NOTE: If it is your first time using the Libraries' interlibrary loan system (ILL), you will have to fill out some info like your name, email, shipping address. Even though you are filling out your shipping address, the article will still be delivered electronically. Furthermore, you can change the details that you fill in at any time, You will only be prompted to fill out this form in the ILL process once.


Illiad request item form

Step 3: A request form will auto-populate. Just click "Submit." You will get an email when the PDF is available. 

Checking the Status of Your Interlibrary Loan Request & Viewing Your Library Account

Follow these steps to view the status of your interlibrary loan request, to cancel your request, and to see other library account options:


Drop down menu in WSU Search it library catalog with log in option

Step 1. Go to then to  My Account -> Search It to log into your library account


Prompt to log in to request item through WSU Libraries

Step 2: Select Current WSU students, faculty, and staff 


WSU Libraries' Search It log in interface

Step 3: Log in with your WSU NetID info


Library account screen where you can check your requests and items that are checked out.

Step 4: Click Summit + Hold Requests

Hold request list within your library account

Step 5: View the items that you have requested, see their status, or cancel the request.

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