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HEALWA Tutorial

This tutorial will allow you to learn how to use HEALWA resources at your own pace.


What should I do if I forgot my UW NetID and/or password?

To retrieve your UW NetID and/or password, navigate to the HEALWA homepage and select the link "password reset page" next to Forgot Your Password. This will redirect you to a page on the UW IT site that will tell you how to reset your password and recover your UW NetID.

How do I find my credential number?

You should be able to find your credential number of your license. If not, go here and search by your credential type and name. 

What if I don't have or don't remember my email address on file with the Department of Health?

If you don't know what your email address is with the DOH, you can submit a change here. Or you can send an email to

Does my HEALWA login information ever expire?

No, your login information will not expire. However, if you should let your Washington State license lapse, then you will no longer have access to HEALWA resources.

FAQ: HEALWA Resources

If I email an ebook link to a person without HEALWA access, will they be able to open that link?

Unfortunately, no. The recipient must have a HEALWA login in order to access the ebook through the link.

Am I only allowed to access resources shown in my profession's Toolkit?

With your HEALWA login, you may access all of the resources available in HEALWA. The Toolkits are meant to serve as a guide to show you what resources may be the most relevant to you based on your profession. 

Additional Questions

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