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Data Management Plans

This guide provides resources to assist WSU faculty members and students who are creating strategies for storing, describing, and providing access to their research data.

Questions to Consider

As you're writing your data management plan, you should specify:
  • Who will have primary responsibility for implementing the data management plan? Note that if multiple institutions are involved, funding agencies typically task the lead PI with executing the DMP.
  • How will the PI verify that the data generated are being managed according to this plan? At what point(s) in the project will this happen?
  • What are your plans for transfer of responsibility if key personnel depart from the project?
  • If sensitive data is being collected, who will have access to it?

Funding Agency Guidance

From the NSF ENG Directorate: "The DMP should clearly articulate how 'sharing of primary data' is to be implemented. It should outline rights and obligations of all parties as to their roles and responsibilities in the management and retention of research data. It must also consider changes to roles and responsibilities that will occur should a principal investigator or co-PI leave the institution. Any costs should be explained in the Budget Justification pages."

From the Department of Energy: "The Principal Investigator should determine which data should be the subject of the DMP and, in the DMP, propose which data should be shared and/or preserved in accordance with the requirements."



You may consider using a system like the Open Science Framework (OSF) to manage your project. OSF allows you to manage permissions for various parts of your project. You can also integrate documents from other platforms like Google and GitHub, as well as registering your project and distributing data/results as appropriate.

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