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BBC Heart and Soul Programme

Heart And Soul is a weekly half-hour programme that has the scope and understanding to explore different experiences of contemporary spirituality from around the world.

BBC Religion & Ethics

What are the ethical dilemmas that affect your world? Delve deeper, explore the world's religions and track the year's significant religious festivals  Site no longer updated.

American Religious Sounds Project

What does religion in the United States sound like? This question animates the American Religious Sounds Project (ARSP), a collaborative research initiative under the auspices of Michigan State University and Ohio State University.  The Project aims to offer new resources for documenting and interpreting the diversity of American religious life by attending to its varied sonic cultures.

To the Best of Our Knowledge - Religion & Philosophy

From Wisconsin Public Radio, a wide-ranging audio interview archive on topics in religion and philosophy.

BBC Radio 4 - Living with the Gods

This 30-part radio series is a co-production of BBC and the British Museum.  Hosted by Neil MacGregor and using artifacts from the British Museum collection, Living with the Gods explores humankind’s perennial search for meaning, and the role that ritual, faith, and belief play in this quest. 

BBC In Our Time Religion Interviews Archive

From the British Broadcasting Corporation Radio 4, a wide-ranging audio archive of interviews on religions and religious topics.  Host Melvyn Bragg discusses ancient and modern religion and religious topics with contemporary thinkers.

Studs Terkel Radio Archive

Jointly managed by the Chicago History Museum and the WFMT Radio Network along with technical assistance from the Library of Congress, the archive offers streaming audio of programs produced by Studs Terkel between 1952 and 1997.  Topics include art, religion, music, philosophy, and literature. 

PBS-Closer to Truth

Closer To Truth is the definitive resource for Cosmos, Consciousness and Meaning, a global journey in search of the vital ideas of existence featuring leading scientists, philosophers and creative thinkers.

It is the mission of Closer To Truth to become the most publicly prominent venue for heightened understanding and thoughtful discussion of Cosmos, Consciousness and Meaning for broad television and online audiences.

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