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E-Book Basics

This guide will give you basic information you need to find and view e-books from the WSU Libraries.

EBSCO Print or Save Options

NOTE: You do NOT have to check out the whole book, or download the whole book. There are ways to download specific pages or chapters for personal use and offline reading (these will be saved as PDFs on your computer). Keep reading!

You must create a separate account to save or print chapters or sections of a book.

To download the book for offline reading, you must download and create an account through Adobe Digital Editions. For more information, click here.

  1. After opening up the book record, you must select PDF Full Text on the left side of the screen in order to print sections. DO NOT select the Print icon on the right side of this page (it will only print the book record, not the book itself). The Full Text will appear in a PDF window in the center of the screen.
  2. To save and print a chapter or section, select the actual chapter from the left side or scroll down in the window. On the right side, select "Save Pages." Select your page range and then select "Save PDF." You will then be able to print. NOTE: Do not select the print or download icons located within the PDF. This will only print or download the single, displayed page. You must select Save Pages on the right side. NOTE: You will have a page limit as described above.
  3. Your print options will be displayed above the book. Enter the pages you would like to save or print. It will tell you your limit. After you save it, you can open it and print it.

How many pages can I print from an EBSCO e-book?

The number of pages that can be printed is regulated by the publisher and complies with copyright law. When printing, you'll receive a message saying how many total pages are allowed to be printed and how many you have already printed from the book. (from Williams College Library)

Up to 60 pages of an EBSCO e-book may be downloaded for printing/saving or emailing.

For more information, see EBSCO Help.

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