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E-Book Basics

This guide will give you basic information you need to find and view e-books from the WSU Libraries.

Ebook Central Print or Save Options

NOTE: You do NOT have to check out the whole book, or download the whole book. There are ways to download specific pages or chapters for personal use and offline reading (these will be saved as PDFs on your computer). Keep reading!

You do not need to create a separate account to save or print chapters or sections of a book, but make sure you are logged into Ebook Central through your WSU Network ID. You should automatically be prompted to do this prior to entering Ebook Central

To download the entire book for offline reading, you must download and create an account through Adobe Digital Editions. For more information, visit our library guide at the link below.

After reading the book online for a few minutes, you may be prompted to checkout the entire book. If this happens, select that yes, you would like to checkout the book. This should bring you to the screens displayed below that will allow you to download and print sections or chapters.

How to download a section or chapter for printing or saving:

  1. After opening the book record, on the left side click on Read Online. Then, scroll to a specific section, or select the Contents tab from the top tab menu. Note: DO NOT select the Download button if you are only printing one section or chapter. Selecting the Download button will prompt you to checkout the entire book to yourself for a select period of time. 

  2. To print the section, click on the print icon located in the top right corner of your screen. You will then get a pop-up menu, and you will choose the right option. You may print a single page, a range of pages, or a full chapter.

  3. To save the section, go through the same procedures you see in the graphic above. Instead of printing the text, however, you may SAVE the file that comes up onto your thumbdrive, or to the computer desktop (and later email it to yourself). To do this, click on the download icon on the top right corner of the PDF (piece of paper with a down arrow).

How Many Pages Can I Print From an Ebook Central eBook?

The number of pages that can be printed is regulated by the publisher and complies with copyright law. When printing, you'll receive a message saying how many total pages are allowed to be printed and how many you have already printed from the book. (from Williams College Library)

Printing from Ebook Central is restricted to approximately 20% of the total pages of the e-book, per user. Copying and pasting content is restricted to approximately 5% of the total pages of the e-
book, per user. Ebook Central will display a message if the limit is reached. (from U Texas Libraries)

After 10 minutes of reading/browsing you will be prompted to check out the book. If you want to check it out, click YES to "checkout" the book. You will need to download and create an account with Adobe Digital Editions.

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