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AGRI 587

AGRI 587 Research and Extension Communications in Agriculture (Library Research Guide)

Essential Scholarly Databases

You can find scholarly research by searching a large multidisciplinary databases or by a searching smaller, agricultural database.

There are advantages to each database. If I'm really trying to be thorough, I will utilize several databases. There will be significant overlap in coverage within those databases.

Best Databases for Finding Agricultural Science Research

The largest database is the Washington State University Library Catalog (Search It). Search It locates pretty much everything you'd hope to find on a subject. This includes journal articles, books, newspapers, multimedia, extension resources, archival materials, etc. It searches across a large number of databases including the ones listed below. 

A smaller, but still extremely powerful database, is  Web of Science. Web of Science is a mostly STEM database. Aside from being a scholarly database it also includes many useful features including citation reports and impact analytics.

If you want to go even more disciplinarily specific, try AGRICOLA which is an agricultural sciences scholarly database. AGRICOLA is maintained by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Agricultural Library. 

If you are interested in what databases are available to you at WSU, check out this list.

Newspapers, Magazines, & Trade Publications

For a full list of newspapers available to WSU affiliates, please read this WSU research guide. 

See also:

Washington State University Manuscripts and Special Collections (MASC) - MASC has an extensive collection of University and regional publications. Many are online.  

Find WSU Extension Resources

The WSU Libraries' search catalog will locate all available extension documents (e.g. historic, contemporary, digital, and hard copy).

To locate these documents, the catalog pulls from Research Exchange (the institutional repository at WSU), WSU Extension Publications (current publications), and the WSU Manuscripts & Special Collections (historic materials). The Libraries' catalog will also find many external university and governmental extension program documents (see below).

Using the WSU Libraries' catalog to find WSU/WSC Extension Resources

There are several strategies that you can use to find extension materials within the Libraries' catalog.

For example, you can:

- Search for the name of an Extension document or bulletin.

- Create a search using WSU Extensions as the author or the WSC Extensions as an author

- Do a keyword search and then limit your results within the Author/Creator field to display just Extension resources. This image provides more information on that.

Find External Extension Resources

You can locate external extension research within the WSU Libraries' Catalog. There are many ways to do this. For example, you can:

- Search for the name of an Extension document or bulletin.

- Create a search using the extension at the author/creator. For example, here's a search using Oregon State Extension Service as the author/creator.

- Do a keyword search and then limit your results within the Author/Creator field to display just Extension resources. You can then choose which extension service you wish to view. This image provides more information on how to do that.

Links to External Extension Resources

Survey of Digitized Historic State Agricultural Publications — This ongoing project provides an inventory of digitized state agricultural publications via a Google spreadsheet. Links to publication are provided for each state and U.S. territory (listed on separate tabs). Documents are both historic and contemporary. This project is the result of an AgNIC Working Group.

HathiTrust Digital Library - HathiTrust is a partnership of academic & research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world. HathiTrust provides historic extension resources from multiple institutions. 

The Internet Archive - Provides resources for many state and Federal extension services.

Journal of Extension (JOE) - Established in 1963, the JOE is the flagship journal for Extension professionals. As a refereed journal, JOE expands and updates research for U.S. Extension professionals and other outreach educators to improve their effectiveness and serves as a forum for emerging and contemporary issues affecting U.S. Extension education 


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