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Tutorial Best Practices

Internal reference for creating and maintaining online learning objects.

Best Practices

  • Learning objectives listed on welcome screen (2-3 is ideal)
  • Learning objectives/summary of what was learned reinforced at the end
  • Link to make an appointment with a librarian/get help on the closing screen
  • Keep text on left side of tutorial short
  • Use bold/italics to break up text
  • Add database login slide when first introducing database

Writing Effective Questions

Writing Good Assessment Questions:

1. Make sure that the answer has actually been available to the learner somewhere in the module.
2. In multiple choice questions, keep the tone consistent across all the answers.
3. Try to make each option in a multiple choice plausible.
4. Put some variety in your question styles.


  • All images should have alt-text
  • Use Wave (Chrome extension) or tota11y to check accessibility
  • Test with a screen reader 
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