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Tutorial Best Practices

Internal reference for creating and maintaining online learning objects.


This guide will be used as an internal reference for creating and maintaining online learning objects, such as tutorials and instructional videos. The inventory will allow us to take stock of the content we have already created, making it easier to maintain and assess. It will also help us to see what can be reused or modified, rather than creating new content every time.


If you have an online learning object that you think should be created, but you're not sure where to start, contact Jen!

Steps in Creating Online Learning Objects

Determine Need

  • Identify type of learning object:
    • Addition to library instruction (flipped classroom, used in class)
    • Substitute for face-to-face library instruction
    • Point-of-need assistance 
    • Standalone tutorial for those hoping to learn more
    • Training for student workers (slightly different - follow these guidelines as applicable)


  • Identify the learning objectives/outcomes
  • Determine appropriate platform
  • Storyboard if needed


  • Use best practices listed in guide

Evaluate & Assess

  • Evaluate accessibility 
    • Captioning
    • Alt text
    • Screen reader compatibility
  • Add to inventory
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