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Research Exchange

This guide describes Research Exchange, the institutional repository for Washington State University, and its various uses.

What Is Research Exchange?

Research Exchange is the institutional repository for Washington State University—a space designed to preserve and share university scholarship. It is managed by WSU Libraries using a platform called Esploro.

We at WSU Libraries invite all members of the university community to share their research via Research Exchange, including: articles, book chapters, working papers, technical reports, conference presentations, posters, images, media, datasets, and educational resources.

Who Can Use Research Exchange?

WSU faculty, staff, and students can deposit research and educational materials in Research Exchange at no cost. Any member of the general public can access materials deposited in Research Exchange unless that material has been temporarily embargoed.

How Might a Researcher Use Research Exchange?

Here are some examples of ways to use Research Exchange:

  • Create a faculty profile to showcase research and educational materials. The Libraries can help pre-populate the profile with citations and information collected from Pivot and other sources. Once created, the profile can feature a range of materials, from articles to datasets, presentations, collaborations with students, and more. To get started, contact
  • Archive datasets and articles using Research Exchange. By doing so, you as a researcher can comply with funder open-access mandates while ensuring that others can access and build upon your findings.
  • Build a collection of materials that document the work of a lab or research group.
  • Use Research Exchange as a curricular tool by inviting students to showcase their research.
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