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Hon 270.02 Spring 2019 Dr. Stratton

Catalogs and Databases

Some Starter Journals and Sources

Popular Sources

Journals of Ideas; Research Institutes and Think Tanks

I really like to look at the articles, issue reports, and research reports coming out of advocacy organizations, think tanks, non-profit organizations, research institutes, etc. You get different perspectives, which can be very helpful. You have to be aware of the *perspectives* of each organization - it may have a particular ideological, political, economic, or social framework that you need to acknowledge in your work. This article (intended for journalists but helpful for academic use as well) provides some useful context for this: Writing about think tanks and using their research: A cautionary tip sheet.

When you end up on an organizational website, be sure to look for tabs named things like Statistics, Research, Publications, etc. to help locate possible information. And always check the About section!

Government Information

Government publications (congressional hearings and reports, executive agency publications and data/statistics, legal cases, etc.) can be extremely valuable, and are often primary sources. Congressional hearings can often be a good source of alternative perspectives as well .

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