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Streaming Video: Kanopy For Instructors

Kanopy Update: Request a Kanopy Film for Course Use

Access to Kanopy is currently restricted due to lack of funds. Faculty can still request a Kanopy film by filling out a purchase request form or notifying their subject librarian for any title they plan to use in class or for educational purposes. The WSU Libraries will then work to make sure the film is licensed in time for the assignment and/or that a currently licensed title is not about to expire.

If you are in the Kanopy interface and the title you want is not available, you will see "This film is not available at your institution yet" and a request form. Please fill out the request form which will be forwarded to the WSU Libraries.

In order to help us process your request, you can add the course the streaming video is for, and the duration you plan to use it (one semester, several years, etc.) in the notes field, so that we can explore licensing options. We will work with you to get the license that best fits your needs. Still, it is good to check each year to make sure that the film is still currently under license.

Please note: Kanopy films specifically are licensed for one year. If faculty members will use a film beyond this time period, they must make a new media request for the title prior to the semester they plan to use the film in order to ensure that it is licensed again. Or, please let us know how long you plan to use the film for and we can investigate extended licensing options. Please give Libraries’ staff ample lead-time to fulfill requests for streaming media.

Problems Embedding?

Oswego State University New York's Penfield Library demonstrates how to share a Kanopy film using Blackboard.

Browsing Kanopy Titles

From the Kanopy interface (link below), you can browse films by subject using the drop-down menu, or use the search box to perform a search using your search terms. A keyword search will display a list of  titles based on relevance, and title searches can also be used. For more information on searching, sharing, embedding, and closed captions, please visit the Kanopy Help Pages.

screenshot of Kanopy homepage with "Subjects" dropdown and search bar circled

How to Embed a Kanopy Film into a Blackboard

You can embed clips, or an entire film, into a course space using the sharing tools found under each Kanopy film. (If embedding is problematic you can alternatively provide the students with the link (node) to the film using the "share" option).

Under each film you will see a "Share/Embed" option:

screenshot of "Red Dot on the Ocean" video with "Share" link circled

The default option is the "Share" link, but choose the "Embed" tab. Copy the HTML code that appears in the box below the tab:

screenshot of a video description with "Embed" menu open and embed link circled

Next, follow these steps:

  • Go to Blackboard, log in, and select a course.

  • Select a module, or folder, and then select the "Build Content" drop down menu.

  • Create an item, or blank page.

  • Name the item, or blank page, and select "HTML".

  • Paste the HTML code in the "HTML Code View" box.

  • Select "Update"

  • Select "Submit"

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