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Streaming Video: Streaming For Instructors

Streaming Films

The WSU Libraries can purchase streaming media for course use. In some cases, a streaming license can be acquired through one of the streaming distributors we work with. In other cases, the WSU Libraries may need to identify the rights holder for an individual film and determine if permission for streaming can be granted or if a license is available for purchase. Please note that streaming licenses for feature films, and films that have never had a US release can be costly. Further, please note that some films do not offer educational streaming licenses at all, and the libraries do not have control over this. Please allow us ample time to investigate licensing possibilities prior to relying on streaming video for your courses.

Once licensed through WSU Libraries, a link to the film will be available in Search It.

If the film you need is for a Global Campus course, your Global Campus elearning consultant may also be able to help you investigate licensing options and in some cases, alternatives.

Some things to consider regarding streaming licenses:

  • It may be difficult to identify a rights holder if the film did not have a US release, and in some cases the cost for streaming rights may be prohibitive. If you want to stream a film for class use, fill out the purchase request form to investigate whether the film is licensed for streaming and can be made available.

  • Licenses expire. Please verify that we still have access to a film before you plan to show it to your class. We would be happy to renew the license but need at least 24 hours to activate it.

  • Licensing terms vary, and depending on the anticipated time-frame needed for access to the film, perpetual streaming licenses and longer licensing terms might be more cost-effective than year-by-year terms. Licensing terms are usually listed on the film distributor's website and can vary by title.

  • Kanopy is NOT the only distributor offering streaming video. There are numerous options we can investigate.

Is the Film I Want to Include in my Course Available for Streaming?

While some streaming licenses are easy to investigate, others require further research to identify the rights holder, licensing, and possible streaming options.

The WSU Libraries work with several documentary film distributors to acquire streaming rights for titles that instructors use in WSU courses. Variation from distributor-to-distributor in regards to licensing often requires streaming rights to be investigated on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to stream a film for a class, please contact your liaison librarian to investigate licensing options.

Academic distributors include, among others:

Subscription Streaming

Several companies provide access to content through subscriptions. In the cases below, the student would have to sign-up for a monthly subscription to the streaming provider, and would have to cancel the subscription once they are no longer needing to access the content. Some providers offer a free trial month, however the student would have to remember to cancel their subscription at the end of the trial in order not to incur a charge.

Rental Streaming Options

In cases where an institutional streaming license is not available, or is cost-prohibitive, instructors may want to explore rental options available through the providers listed below. Many of these options allow the student to "rent" the title for streaming, with viewing windows between 24 and 48 hours.

Streaming Feature Films

Swank Digital Campus is one of the few distributors that license feature films for academic environments. Institutional streaming licenses for feature films are often cost prohibitive. Some of the issues that complicate access to feature films include:

  • Fewer streaming platforms for feature films: While there are a wide variety of streaming documentary platforms available, Swank Digital Campus is still the major platform for streaming most feature films.
  • Restrictive licenses: Unlike purchasing a DVD that has a fixed price that is paid only once, feature film licenses have to be renewed every year which has the same financial impact as re-buying the same DVD every semester.
  • A highly competitive commercial film industry: Distributors don't always want to make their films available to third-party providers like Swank. That means that both Swank and Kanopy, while providing films from a fairly large number of distributors, still are not able to provide every title we might want and may lose the rights to titles when distribution agreements expire. 
  • Streaming foreign-language feature films can be particularly complicated, particularly if the films has never had a US release.  In such cases, no US-based distributor can make it available for streaming.
  • Concern over copyright and piracy:  Industry concerns complicate access and can contribute to a reluctance to provide streaming licenses to academic institutions.

Freely Available Documentaries

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