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Streaming Video: Home

Quick Information

You can find more information on streaming video throughout this guide, but here are some more frequently asked questions and points of interest:

  • If you would like WSU Libraries to purchase a streaming video license, please fill out the purchase request form. In the notes field, please indicate that it is a streaming video, what course it is for, when you will need it, and for how long.

  • It may be difficult to identify a rights holder if the film did not have a US release, and in some cases the cost for streaming rights may be prohibitive. Also please note that some films are *not* available via streaming, anywhere (often the case for older, indie, or foreign films).

  • If a film is only available via DVD or VHS, we can acquire this for you; then, please work with AOI or Global Campus on your options for playing this through your course space. Some films may play and others may not; you will also want to ensure that this falls under the TEACH Act (see tab for links to this).

  • When we purchase a license to a film, this does not mean we have perpetual access (like a DVD). In some cases, we may need to renew the license each year, so please check with us each semester to make sure your film is still active.

  • Licensing terms can vary. Depending on the anticipated timeframe needed for access to the film, perpetual streaming licenses and longer licensing terms might be more cost-effective than year-by-year terms. Please let us know how long you plan to use the film for so that we can investigate various licensing options.

  • Kanopy is NOT the only distributor offering streaming video. There are numerous options we can investigate, so please fill out the purchase request form in order to start this process.

  • When the libraries purchases a film for access, a link to that film will be available in Search It.

Kanopy Update - July 30, 2020

Access to Kanopy is currently restricted due to lack of funds. Faculty can still request a Kanopy film by filling out a purchase request form (link below) or any title they plan to use in class or for educational purposes. The WSU Libraries will then work to make sure the film is licensed in time for the assignment and/or that a currently licensed title is not about to expire.

In order to help us process your request, you can add the course the streaming video is for, and the duration you plan to use it (one semester, several years, etc.) in the notes field, so that we can explore licensing options. We will work with you to get the license that best fits your needs. Still, it is good to check each year to make sure that the film is still currently under license.

Please note: Kanopy films specifically are licensed for one year. If faculty members will use a film beyond this time period, they must make a new media request for the title prior to the semester they plan to use the film in order to ensure that it is licensed again. Please give Libraries’ staff ample lead-time to fulfill requests for streaming media.

Please note: Kanopy is not the only place to find streaming media. If it is not on Kanopy, that does not mean we cannot find it. Please fill out the purchase request form so that we can investigate this.


This guide includes the following sections:

  • Streaming for Instructors: Information about streaming platforms and options.

  • Kanopy for Instructors: Specifically addresses the Kanopy video streaming platform, including embedding Kanopy films into a course space, viewing an embedded film, and browsing the Kanopy catalog.

  • Kanopy captions, transcripts and more: Information on Kanopy's captioning and transcripts including how to submit a captioning or transcript request for a film available on their platform.

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