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Finding U.S. Congressional Publications in the WSU Libraries

House and Senate Reports, House and Senate Documents: Holdings

    1789-1978                                       Depository hard copy, classed in SuDocs "Y" and shelved in Holland and Terrell
                                                               Locked Compact Storage A4736
    1817-1994                                       U.S. Congressional Serial Set
    1979-                                              Depository microfiche copy available in Microforms
    (96th Cong.-)                                     House Reports                        Documents Microfiche  Y 1.1/8
                                                              Senate Reports                       Documents Microfiche  Y 1.1/5
                                                              House Documents                  Documents Microfiche  Y 1.1/7
                                                              Senate Documents                 Documents Microfiche  Y 1.1/3

    1990-   (Reports)                               ProQuest Congressional
    1995-   (Documents)

    1995-                                        (House and Senate Reports)
    1995-                                                govinfo (House and Senate Comm. Reports and Documents; selective coverage of House and Senate Documents 1975-1995)                                          


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