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Finding U.S. Congressional Publications in the WSU Libraries

Laws and Legislative Histories: Access

    1789-                                                                         United States Statutes at Large   
    (1st Cong.-           )                                                   Holland and Terrell Reference U.S. Govt-Docs GS4.111        

    1789-1875                                                                A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation
    1951-2011                                                               govinfo, United States Statutes at Large
    (82nd Cong.-112th Cong., 1st sess.)                    

    1968-2001                                                                U.S. Code, Congressional and Administrative News Holland and Terrell KF 5402 U55x
    (90th Cong., 2nd sess.-107th
    Cong., 1st sess.)

    1969-                                                                        ProQuest Congressional (More detailed legislative histories start with 1999-) 
    (91st Cong., 1st sess.-   )                                     Congressional Information Service.  CIS Index.
                                                                                        Holland and Terrell Z1223 Z7 C6

    (93rd Cong., 1st sess.-  )                

    1983-                                                                        govinfo, History of Bills
    (98th Cong., 1st sess.-   )            
    1994-                                                                        govinfo, United States Code
                                                                                       ProQuest Congressional (Current U.S. Code)

    1995-                                                                        govinfo, Public Laws

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