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HBM 235 - Travel, Society, and Business

Sources of information for research on destination tourism

Travel Guides

Online Travel Guides

  • Wikitravel Provides extensive information on the destination, including Culture, Climate, Local Transportation, and Districts and Neighborhoods.
  • U.S. News Travel  Provides basic information on the destination.  Some duplication with Wikitravel.
  • ArrivalGuides  Its strength is links to Do & See, Dining, Accommodations, and Shopping.


Print Travel Guides

Global Campus students are encouraged to look for travel guide publications at their local public library, and can request travel guides from WSU and Summit Libraries.


Using Search It, WSU Libraries discovery system, to find travel guides

WSU Libraries Homepage

Select Advanced Search.

Search It main search box

Select “Subject” from the far left pull-down menu, leave “Contains” in the next pull-down menu and enter: [name of the city/area] guidebooks in the search box.

At the Material Type pull-down menu, select Print Books.

Click Search.

Search It search for guidebooks

At the results display, open the Sort by pull-down menu, on the left side of the display, and select “Date-newest.” 

Review the results; Available at ... in green text indicates that the book is available for use.  Books located in Holland and Terrell Reference must be used in the library; otherwise the book can be checked out.  Click the book title hot link to open the record.  Global Campus students can click Sign In, enter their WSU Network ID and Password, then click "Request Item" to have the book mailed to them.  Pullman students can click “Holland/Terrell Stack Chart” to find where the book is located in the Holland and Terrell Libraries.  

If Check holdings appears in orange at the bottom of the book record, the book may be available at a Summit library.  Click the title hot link, click Sign in, enter your WSU Network ID and Password, then click "Request Item" to borrow the book.  The book will be (1) available in Pullman to check out in about 5 business days or (2) mailed to Global Campus students.  Summit books can be checked out for 6 weeks and there is no direct cost.

If you don’t retrieve any guidebooks for the city or area, repeat the search and enter: [name of state] or [name of country] guidebooks.

WSU Libraries, PO Box 645610, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5610, 509-335-9671, Contact Us