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Zotero @ the WSU Libraries

Saving Books and Articles Found in Search It (Primo): Order of Preference

12/17. The 2017 update to Primo (Search It here at WSU) broke its ability to work properly with Zotero. At this point, journal articles seem to be working (see below), and Ex Libris is working to fix the problem with books.

Options are in order of preference (subject to change as I keep testing this!)

Note: If you email yourself a link to an item through Primo/Search It's email menu, you will *not* be able to add that item to your Zotero library using the URL from the emailed link. Use one of the options below instead. 

Books (as of 12/17, before Ex Libris fix - the Zotero translator will not work!)

  1. If an ISBN is available, use this with the Yellow Highlighter tool (paste in the ISBN and it will resolve to your book - you will need to do some editing)
  2. Go to WorldCat ( and select the WSU instance of WorldCat (we use it for locating books not available through WSU or Summit) or go directly there via . Search for your item, then select WSU Libraries under the Library filter (or use Libraries Worldwide if you want) and then choose Book in the format filter. Find your book item, then right-click on the title to open it in a separate tab, then click the Zotero translator button. You will need to edit the bibliographic data fields. (Note: you can also often find your book on Amazon or some other Zotero-compliant bookstore or library catalog)
  3. Enter the bibliographic information manually by copy and paste  (a pain if you have to do it, but you only have to do it once ;-)
  4. As usual and for all of these methods, if the item you want is not a monograph, you will need to change your Item Type to the proper format (i.e. thesis, hearings, or book section if you are working with an edited volume).

Journal Articles

  1. Add the article from its original source (publisher site) if it is Zotero-compliant (this may also add the PDF; if not, you can get the article by clicking on View It tab, getting the PDF if available, and adding it to your Zotero library). Example: ScienceDirect, Sage, Springer (does not auto-attach the PDF), etc.
  2. Copy the Digital Object Identifer (DOI) if available, then click on the Yellow Highlighter tool, and paste it in (via an old school Control-V) - it will resolve to your article - you may need to do some editing. You will then need to manually add the article PDF the usual way(s).
  3. If there is no DOI or it does not work, right-click on the title of the record you want, and open it in its own tab. You can then use the Zotero translator button in your browser bar to add the article bibliographic data  to your Zotero library; you will then need to open and attach the article PDF (if available) separately. You will probably need to do some editing to make sure the Zotero record includes all correct information in the various bibliographic fields and that title fields are in sentence case, etc. .(Note: it you don't open the record in its own tab, you will have to use the batch option (folder icon on result page) which makes you select your record).
  4. Alternatively you can use the Send to drop-down menu to export the article record as an RIS file. You can then Import it into Zotero, although it will add your record into a new collection called Primo-RIS-Export Date (or whatever file name you changed it to when you saved it to your hard drive) and you will have to move the item(s) to the folder you want them to be in and then trash the P-R-E folder. Note that you *will* have to edit the bibliographic fields for this! You will then need to open and attach the article PDF (if available) separately.
  5. Enter the bibliographic information manually by copy and paste  (a pain if you have to do it, but you only have to do it once ;-)

Other Formats



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