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State and Local Government: Washington State and Other States

Resources for finding information about Washington and its 3 branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial

Washington State Executive Branch Resources

The Executive branch includes the governor and state agencies.

Executive Branch Publications

Executive Branch publications--search the WSU Libraries Catalog, Search It, for publications of the governor's office or state agencies.  If you know the title of a document search the catalog by title.  You could also search by agency name as an author search, e.g., washington state dept of agriculture, or washington state dept of trade and economic development.  Or you can search by subject, e.g., aquaculture industry washington state, or water quality washington state.

Many agency publications can be found full-text on the web as well.    Use the search box on the agency site or look for a link to publications of the agency.

State Government Topics

Washington Elections

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