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FS 531 Library Research Guide

A research guide for Dr. Bernhard's FS 531 class

Getting Started

How to Cite Your Resources

Part 1: In-text Citations

§A reference to a published source that appears in the body of the paper

Part 2: References List

§A list of reference entries with more information for every source that was cited in-text.
§New page, found at the end of the paper

In-text citations and a references list are both required.

Part 3: Getting Started with Citation Management Applications 

Part 1: Formatting In-Text Citations



Part 2: Formatting the References List





Citation Management Applications

There are several free citation management applications which will help you organize, share, import, and export citations. They also work with Microsoft Word to allow you to easily cite sources and create reference sections within Word.

The most popular of these applications are Zotero, Mendeley, and EndNote. There are desktop and online versions of all three.

Follow the links below to learn more about this applications or to download them.

The WSU Libraries do not endorse any particular citation management application. That said, from experience, I've found there to be a little less of a learning curve with Zotero and Mendeley as opposed to EndNote.

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