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FS 510 Library Research Guide

Dr. Thuy N. Bernhard . FS 510 - Functional Foods & Health

Find Newspapers, Magazines, Trade Publications, etc.

Archival image of WSU Extension researcher utilizing asparagus cultures

Masao Masui, a visiting scientist who specialized in asparagus tissue culture, holding a conical flask and examining its contents. (1969) Prosser, Washington. Washington Rural Heritage Collection.

Your various class assignments require you to have an understanding of how functional foods may be viewed and written about within popular press like newspapers, magazines, and trade publications.. 

There are many places to find popular press and trade publications regarding your FS 510 research projects.

For example, you can search Academic Search Complete to find many such resources. Academic Search Complete is a large database that features newspapers, magazine, trade publications, and much more. You can filter your results to just newspapers, etc.

Additionally, Newspaper Source Plus is a database that provides selected full text coverage for 245 newspapers, newswires and other sources. 

Another good place to start may be

Encyclopedias and Topic Starters

Although encyclopedias are typically not peer-reviewed, or considered scholarly resources, they can be a fantastic place to learn background information on your super-plant.

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