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Hort 418/518

A research guide for Hort 418/518

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Getting Started

Archival image of WSU Extension researcher utilizing asparagus cultures

Masao Masui, a visiting WSU scientist who specialized in asparagus tissue culture, holding a conical flask and examining its contents. (1969) Prosser, Washington. Washington Rural Heritage Collection.


There are many different types of resources that you may need for your research. This can range from maps, datasets, newspapers, patents, and much more. Below is a preliminary list to get you started. If you have any questions or need any assistance please contact me.

Newspapers & Magazines

Newspapers and Magazines

For a full list of newspapers available to WSU affiliates, please read this WSU research guide. 

See also:

Washington State University Manuscripts and Special Collections (MASC) - MASC has an extensive collection of University and regional publications. Many are online.  

Find Industry Info, Corporate Data, and Trade Publications

Corporate and industry resources may come in the form of trade publications, press releases, and company profiles. Although you may be able to find some of that information within the newspaper database resources provided above, Lexis Uni provides a in-depth resources. 

Datasets & Government Reports

A data-set is the raw data that has been collected by researchers and government institutions. There are countless different types of datasets from countless organizations. Helpful datasets pertaining to these projects may include demographic information, opinion and market surveys, soil and horticulture maps, and so much more. 

United States Department of Agriculture Resources (USDA):

  • USDA: Washington Agricultural Statistics Service - Provides various data sets and statistics as part of the USDA Northwest Regional Field Office.
  • USDA Web Soil Survey - The WSS provides soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey. It is operated by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and provides access to the largest natural resource information system in the world.

Other Resources:

Maps & Satellite Images


*You can find maps by using the WSU Search It library catalog and limiting your results to display to display just maps. View this image demonstrating how to limit your searches to display just maps


Satellite Images 

  • Google Satellite Time Lapse - Allows users to look at time lapse satellite images going back, in some instances, thirty-five years. 
  • NASA Worldview - Allows users to create time lapse imagery of geographic locations taken from satellite images. 


Land and Title Records

Soil Surveys

Soil Surveys

Find Other Historic Agricultural Resources

To find info on the history of land use and agriculture (including photographs, maps, publications, and much more), take a look at the historic agriculture and land use research guide.

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