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Working with Industry 101

Resources for researching potential industry partnerships.

Company and Industry Research

Nexis Uni is a great place to start your company research and generate a list of companies. To access the Company Dossier search in Nexis Uni:

1. Click the Menu drop-down list, located near the top left side of the page.

2. Choose "Company Dossier" from the list. A new browser tab will appear, showing the Dossier search form. If there is more than one company listed, click on the link for the appropriate one. (you may have to do a quick Google search for the official company name)

3. Information about the company is displayed on the screen.  More information may be found by clicking on the links provided in the displayed document and in the side panel navigation.

4, In addition to searching company information, you can use the tabs along the top of the page to search for executives or industries. You can also upload a list of ticker symbols, DUNS numbers, or Dossier IDs to retrieve lists of companies or executives.

5. From the "Find a Company" screen, you can also choose the "Create a Company List"  option on the left lower side of the interface.

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