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Spokane Academic Library Workshops

Discover library workshops held by the Spokane Academic Library.

Twenty Minute Training Series


This series of 20-minute workshops will show you how to get the most out of your library resources. All workshops will be held online. Workshops are open to students, faculty, and staff. No need to pre-register!! Just click on the Zoom link next to the webinar you'd like to attend. If you miss one, you can watch the recordings later.

Introduction to Collaborative Web Annotation

April 2nd 12:10-12:30


This webinar will introduce you to collaborative web annotation (think "social remote reading" and threaded discussions attached to online newspaper articles, online scholarly articles, web pages, and more). This relatively easy-to-implement technology is a great way to have students critically engage with the source text, you, and each other in an asynchronous format. Questions? Contact Lorena O'English

Beyond Fair Use: Teaching with Copyleft and Public Domain Content

April 16th 12:10-12:30


The Fair Use exception in copyright law allows limited, transformative copying of works even if they are under copyright--but some works can be used much more freely, because some or all copyright protections do not apply. This webinar will show you how to identify materials that can be copied or adapted with few or no restrictions, including materials in the public domain and Creative Commons licensed materials, which can be used in open educational resources, course materials, and more. Questions? Contact Sam Lohmann

Using DMPTool to easily create data management plans

April 23rd 12:10-12:30


When applying for NSF or NIH grants the Federal Government requires that the principle investigator complete a data management plan (DMP) that provides information regarding how and where the research data will be archived and shared. Perhaps the easiest way to make a compliant DMP is by utilizing the open-source application, DMPTool. DMPTool provides an navigable system to create discipline and funding agency specific DMPs. Questions? Contact David Luftig

Creating Accessible Learning Materials: Document Accessibility

April 30th 12:10-12:30


This webinar will give a brief overview of the application of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines applicable to learning materials (PDFs and slides) and their importance for Universal Design for Learning. Questions? Contact Ben Rearick

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