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Supports teaching, research and clinical needs in the fields of cognitive neuroscience, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, neuropathology, neuropharmacology, developmental neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, neuropsychology

Choosing a Database

A complete literature review will require searching multiple databases. As a multidisciplinary field, you will find neuroscience literature in a variety of databases all covering slightly different aspects of the field, different sets of journals, and using different controlled vocabularies for indexing. PsycInfo will have a greater emphasis on psychology, PubMed on biomedicine, and Web of Science on the general sciences, though you will find overlap between all of them. For controlled indexing vocabulary PsycInfo uses the APA Thesaurus of Psychological Terms, PubMed uses Medical Subject Headings from the National Library of Medicine, and Web of Science does not use a controlled vocabulary, so you will need to include synonymous terms in your search.

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