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HIST 444: The Renaissance: Art, Violence, and Early Globalization


Welcome to your guide for History 444: The Renaissance: Art, Violence, and Early Globalization!

Please note that this guide is not exhaustive - each topic is unique, and requires its own approach. But, I hope that some of the tips and "library review" in here can help get you started, or unstuck, if you will.

And if you get stuck - never fear. I get stuck too! While there are "rules" to research, everyone comes at it from a different lens. Asking for help or talking out your sticking points with another person is a normal, and healthy, part of the research process. So please, if you have questions, talk to me or Professor Spohnholz.


  1. Research is multi-facted, meaning that you will need to try a few different approaches in order to gather everything relevant to your topic. Only using keywords in Search It will not work. Different approaches might include:
    • Keywords AND subject headings
    • Search It AND WorldCat
    • For primary sources: Library databases AND print sources AND open access websites
  2. You are not confined to only what we have at WSU.
    • Utilize Summit and Interlibrary loan to order materials from far and wide! (Ask for help if needed!)
    • If you can't find something no matter how many places and times you type it in - ASK! Sometimes things are spelled weird.
  3. Draw on previous work and scholarship. You don't need to reinvent the wheel completely!
    • Utilize reference lists in sources you do find. This will lead you to additional secondary and primary sources.
    • Use tools such as "Cited in" or "Cited by" in both Search It and Google Scholar.
    • Read with a critical eye. What are they missing? Do you disagree with their argument? There's your paper!
  4. Ask for help. Talk out your research with someone else.
    • Sometimes just explaining your topic to someone else can help you to make new connections, generate new keywords, or organize your paper and thoughts in a meaningful way.
    • You can't be expected to know everything - that's why you are here! Others with more expertise will have good advice.
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