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Locating the Daily Evergreen

Searching the Digitized Daily Evergreens


Entering search terms in the box located at the top of the Daily Evergreen landing page will search across the full text of all DE newspapers


Advanced Search

The database is so large that its easier to use Advanced Search, especially if you only want to search across a single year/month/date.

  1. Click on the Advanced Search link at the top of the Evergreen landing page. Make sure you are just searching the Evergreen (WSU Student Newspapers)! If Search All Collections is checked, uncheck it and navigate down to WSU Student Newspapers, click it, and click SAVE.
  2. Enter your search term(s), i.e. INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS INSURANCE  in the first search box (it will be searching All Fields)
  3. Note you can change your sort - the default is "Relevance" but you can change it. Unfortunately you can't put your results in date order, but you can finesse it a bit by searching by individual year, i.e. 1999 in the Title field, or a decade by truncating, i.e. 199* to get 1990-1999.


If you want to search a particular year:

  1. Add another row
  2. Using the drop-down menu, change the field searched for the new search box from All Fields to TITLE (not DATE!!)
  3. To search the year, type (example) 2011*  to be searched as a title and this will search all of 2011 for the word football
  4. To search a month type 2011-11*  to be searched as a title and this will search November of 2011 for the word football
  5.  To search a particular day type 2011-11-01*  to be searched as a title (again, making sure there was an issue on that day) for the word football

Campus Publications

Other WSU Publications

WSU website: (you can also search this via Google advanced search, i.e. " graduate student insurance" - this allows for better filtering (and more results...)

WSU Insider (2009-current)

WSU Week (1989-2001), WSU Today (2001-2009) - use instructions for searching the Daily Evergreen above

WSU Libraries, PO Box 645610, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5610, 509-335-9671, Contact Us