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English 357: Editing and Publishing


Everything on this tab is straight from your "357 Individual Project" document from Prof. Levy. If I add a resource, I will enclose my initials after like this [loe].


Seattle is not exactly a publishing hub... so job openings are very limited and most local presses are small and specialized. If you are hoping to work in a large publishing house, you will need to relocate to one of the larger publishing centers (e.g., New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco). In any location, those seeking jobs in editing and publishing far exceed the number of jobs available; competition is very vigorous. If you are interested in working in publishing and/or editing, you should consider pursuing an internship with any of the following types of publishers. (This blog post on How to Intern at a Publishing House also offers some good advice.)

Trade Publishers

TRADE PUBLISHERS are commercial publishers of fiction and non-fiction books and magazines aimed at a wide audience and circulated through bookstores, libraries, etc.

Some local/regional examples:

Professional and Scholarly Publishers

PROFESSIONAL AND SCHOLARLY PUBLISHERS produce books and journals aimed at professionals in a variety of industries: law, business, medicine, technology, etc.

Some local examples:

University Presses

UNIVERSITY PRESSES are affiliated nonprofit publishing houses specializing in academic books and journals.

Some local examples:

Educational Publishers

EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS produce textbooks, workbooks, software, etc. designed to be used at all educational levels, from elementary schools to universities.

Some local examples:

Independent Publishers

INDEPENDENT PRESSES come in all shapes and sizes and represent an alternative to mainstream presses, often specializing in experimental or innovative publications.

Some local Examples:

Alternative Media

ALTERNATIVE MEDIA are often produced by publishing companies as supplements to conventional print materials, but some presses specialize in them.

Some local examples:

Magazine Publishing

MAGAZINE PUBLISHING is a different arena from book publishing. There are a number of local magazines that accept interns.

Some regional examples:

Web Publishing

WEB PUBLISHING: Probably the largest arena in terms of job availability in editing and publishing is through commercial, governmental, and nonprofit websites. All types of organizations need to produce and edit web content, from large companies to government agencies to small nonprofit organizations. Many companies and organizations also publish newsletters or feature articles on their websites.

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