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Sites with State-by-State Data Available

  • USGS National Map U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) and the Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS). Free downloads of National Atlas base layers and other geospatial data layers

Pacific Northwest Regional Data Sources


  • Forest GIS Data: Pacific Northwest Forests (Washington and Oregon) and other Regional Program Areas with GIS data currently or planned to be online.
  • Washington State. Department of Ecology. GIS Data:  As a public service, some of the department's data is available for viewing and downloading here. Spatial datasets are available in ArcInfo export format (zipped E00), metadata files are in FGDC format.





  • Regional Ecosystem Office (REO)
    Provides 10m DEM, DRG, Ecosystem, National Forests, Bureau of Land Management, Columbia Basin, NRCR Soils. The Regional Ecosystem Office (REO) facilitates interagency cooperation in support of the Forest Plan for the Pacific Northwest to better integrate Federal, state, and local agency Ecosystem Management of our resource lands.


  • INSIDE Idaho - Spatial and Numeric Digital Library, includes some DOQQs


  • Global GIS database: Four CD-ROMs available in the WSU Libraries Media Materials section of the Holland and Terrell Libraries, Call numbers I 19.121:62-A to I 19.121:62-D.
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