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Com 395 - Science Writing and Reporting

This is a guide for Roberta Kelly's Communication 395 class.

Library Sources

Useful Science Databases

Statistics and News Databases

Reliable Information that You Can Access Even After You Graduate

Local universities and extension programs are also a great source of information and can connect you with scientific experts, for example: 

Sample Searches

Keyword development will help you brainstorm your topic and identify what concepts or keywords to use as you search for information.  It also helps you identify what you already know about your topic, provides you with an opportunity to think about you topic in new ways, and identify gaps in your knowledge. 

Below you can see the  main concepts are bolded and underlined in the boxes below.  Next, synonyms or other keywords are listed that can be used to narrow or broaden the topic. 

What is the risk of humans contracting bird flu from chickens?

Risk Bird Flu Chickens
risk Assessment avian flu poultry
pandemic bird influenza
avian influenza
H5N1 virus

Using genetics to trace human evolution

Genetics Human evolution
gene humans
genes Neanderthal(s)
DNA Ardi

Generating nuclear power

Nuclear Power
Nuclear Reactions
Nuclear energy
Fusion energy
Fusion reaction 

Finding Journal Titles from Abbreviations

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