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Evidence-Based Practice Intro : Kinesiology / Movement Studies / Sports Medicine

EBM Step by Step






Case Study #1

Raymond is a 72 year old man with dementia who has had a recent fall, and his wife is concerned about future falls. Her grandson takes Tai Chi, and she wonders if that would be helpful.

Case Study #2

Jenny is an older woman living with Parkinson's. She is still able to live at home, but her condition is getting worse. She has been doing some physiotherapy, but she doesn't like it and doesn't think it helps. She wants permission to stop the therapy.

Case Study #3

Jenny (from case #2) doesn't like her physiotherapist, who, Jenny says, is "too old." If Jenny has to continue physiotherapy, she wants to know if there are any newer methods that might work better.

Case Study #4

Katherine is a sedentary middle-aged woman with chronic shin splints. What are the best treatment options?

Case Study #5

Albert is an athletic 22 year old college student who recently broke his ankle while playing frisbee. What kind of therapy would you recommend for him?

Case Study #6

David, a young man with a bushy beard and birkenstocks, has high arches and a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. He's heard about orthotics and corticosteroids, but he doesn't want to give up his sandals and he doesn't want to put any chemicals in his body. How about acupuncture?

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