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Film Studies

Are there scholarly articles on my film?

As you consider a film for your research paper, you may want to see if there has been any scholarly attention paid to the title before selecting a particular movie. One method for surveying the scholarly literature on a film is to do a Google Scholar search at For example, you could type in the title of your film using quotation marks, for example "Waltz with Bashir".

You could also try searching the same in Search It, and selecting Peer-Reviewed under Availability and Articles under Type, on the left side.

If your film is not as unique as this title and could be interpreted as a subject not-related to film studies, (for example, "Wild Grass" may bring up articles related to agriculture; or Jaws might bring up articles about teeth and not film studies!), in which case you may have to add terms like "film," "motion picture," the country of production, or the name of the director or of a main character to your search.

Below are some sample lists of results:

A word of caution.....if you have been told to use scholarly articles, be aware that not all of the results in Google Scholar will relate to peer-reviewed sources. A Google Scholar search may point you to scholarly books and book chapters, as well as to working papers (articles that have not yet been published), theses, and dissertations. So, if you are looking for a peer-reviewed journal article through Google Scholar, follow the link and be sure to evaluate your source! Also, remember never to pay for an article; request it through Interlibrary Loan.

You can also connect the WSU Libraries catalog, Search It, to Google Scholar. When logged into Google, on the left side click on the three horizontal lines; then, Settings and then Library Links. You'll be able to search for Washington State University here and connect it to your account. In your Google Scholar results, anything available in the catalog will appear as a link on the left side called Find It @ WSU. Click on this and you will be brought to the record in the WSU catalog.

Article databases

If you are accessing articles from off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your MyWSU username and password.

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