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FOR_LANG 101: Introduction to the World of Languages (Global Campus)

This guide is designed for students in Professor Mark Black's FOR_LANG 101 course. This guide is adapted from from WSU Vancouver Librarian Sam Buechler's library guide.

Welcome Global Campus Students

This guide has been developed for students in Professor Mark Black's FOR_LANG 101 course. It has been adapted from WSU Vancouver's FOR_LANG 101 library guide, designed by WSU Vancouver librarian Sam Buechler.

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Introduction to the World of Languages, FOR_LANG 101

FOR_LANG 101, “Introduction to the World of Languages,” is a lower-division (freshman/sophomore) course. In this course, students will explore the origin of language, its development over time, its place in society and its role in culture and identity building. In doing so, students will become familiar with various theories and models central to linguistics and with the lexicon specific to that discipline. Specific languages and dialects will be discussed to illustrate major issues related to languages, such as language stereotyping, diglossia, linguistic dominance, and language change/death.

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